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The region, due to its high population density, has a complex network of B-roads. Although this helps to make easier the communications and the relationships among the different councils of the area, easing traffic congestion in the major roads, it can also be confusing for the visitors. That is why the traveller should know which are the main communication routes of O Salnés.

The most important road is the C-550. Using this road, and starting from Vilagarcía, you can arrive to the nearby municipalities of Vilanova, Illa de Arousa, Cambados, Meaño, O Grove and Sanxenxo.

Another basic road in the region network is the C-531. It connects Vilagarcía with Pontevedra, going over Baión (Vilanova) and Meis; there is a junction to go into the main road of O Salnés, at Barrio council.

The main road of O Salnés, called Vía Rápida, is also a basic infrastructure in the region: from Barro municipality, and going over Meis, Ribadumia, Cambados and Meaño, it arrives in Sanxenxo and O Grove. Each one of the aforementioned councils has its own way out in this road.

Other roads not so important, but still useful to know, are the B-road from Cambados to Nogueira (Meis), which finishes at Barro –where there are connections with the C-531, the
A-9 toll motorway and the main road of O Salnés- and the B-road from Noalla to Caldas, that goes over Meaño, Ribadumia and Meis –at the inner part of the region- to finally connect with the C-531.

If you want to travel in the inner part of the region avoiding the main roads, then you should use the PO-301. It goes over the slopes of Lobeira hill, from Vilagarcía to Pontearnelas, ending at the PO-300.

As for the communications inside Vilagarcía, the country road C-550 is the most important, because it goes across the municipality, from Carril to Vilaxoán, going trough part of the urban centre. But there are other secondary roads: The seashore road between Vilagarcía and Vilaxoán, to get to this town avoiding the traffic of the Cambados avenue. The PO-301 that crosses Cornazo parish and takes to the Lobeira mount viewpoint. And the road to Caldas that -through O Pousadoiro- allows us to accede to the Xiabre hill and to Fontefría recreational area, and leads to the connection with the A-9, in Caldas.