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 the street market and the market place

Vilagarcía, with almost 35.000 inhabitants and according with its status as most important population centre in the area, has a great shopping offer. Some of the chances for the traveller’s shopping in Vilagarcía are starting the day by buying some fresh fish and produce in the marketplace, going bargain hunting in the street market at noon, visiting family-run shops or chain stores in the afternoon and ending up walking about a shopping centre.

The street market takes place on Tuesday and Saturdays, although if they are bank holidays, it is brought a day forward. The stalls are set up in the town section between Alexandre Bóveda and the Praza Martín Gómez Abal, going trough Avenida da Mariña, Praza Doutor Carús and several side streets in O Castro. It is the most important street market of the area, the most visited and the oldest one, as it has its origins in the 17th century and since then it has been uninterruptedly celebrated.

In Vilagarcía street market you can find many different products at a very good price and in many different tastes. The most common are garments and shoes, but it is also possible to buy household items, linen, flowers and plants, lingerie and haberdashery.

The market place is open from Monday to Saturday in the morning; some establishments are also open on Friday’s afternoon. It has modern and spacious facilities: the centre of the building is used for the trade of fruits and vegetables cultivated by the own sellers. There are greengrocer’s and butcher’s at both sides; stalls of cheese, bread and eggs on the upper floor; and a splendid fish and shellfish market at the back of the building.

In addition to the Vilagarcía market, which is in calle Alexandre Bóveda, there are other two in Vilaxoán and Carril; the first one is besides the garden called “Dona Concha” and the second one is by the harbour.